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"She..what?" you asked with shock.

Captain Hook didn't even try to conceal his grief as he raised his head to stare openly into your eyes. His expression was a mixture of deep mourning and bleak acceptance. It was as if Wendy's death was a scar that had healed a long time ago, but still caused pain when probed. Hook's melodious voice was barely louder than a whisper as he repeated, "She killed herself. Right here on this very ship..."

Your heart dropped into your stomach, you had known all along that she had died, but somehow the thought of her committing suicide took your breath away. She was just a little girl... Taking your goblet in hand, you forced yourself to swallow a swig of wine, but it had a hard time making it past the invisible lump that had formed in the back of your throat. You sputtered a hasty cough as the bite of the alcohol set your eyes to watering.

"Here, use this," Hook quickly insisted as he stretched his metal hook of a hand across the table and proffered you the same pristine looking handkerchief he had used to wipe your previous tears away earlier.

"Thank you," you replied while blinking back the tears that kept pooling at the edges of your eyes. As you brought the half folded linen to your face, your nose was instantly filled with the smell of salty sea mist, and rich earthy vetiver, mixed together with a refreshing note of some sort of tingling spice that you couldn't identify. It was a sharp invigorating scent that perfectly matched the personality of the enigmatic sea captain that it belonged to. Surprisingly it was very similar to Peter's smell. They both had the fresh smell of the sea along with a little hint of the earth, but Peter's was a warmer sweeter fragrance, like sunshine covering a majestic forest whereas Hook's was cool and dark, like a solitary lighthouse bathed in moonlight.

"I know what you must be thinking," Hook's deep musical voice drifted through the still room like a puff of cigarette smoke.  

You startled in your seat, snapping your gaze back to his. A creeping feeling of guilt crawled up your skin at having been caught making comparisons between the two enemies. A sardonic smirk played at Hook's full lips, but his eyes were filled with self-loathing, not humor. His tone turned self-deprecating as he elaborated, "You're thinking that this was my fault. That a grown man should have been able to of seen the warning signs. And I did. I did see the warning signs and you are right. It is my fault. I should have been able to stop her before it was too late...but I didn't."  

The Captain's spacious decadent chambers suddenly felt claustrophobic, as if the heaviness of the past were pushing in on you both from all sides. Mr. Smee and Tinker Bell were all but forgotten as they both sat sleeping off to the side of the room. Hook's glorious glacial blue eyes became wan as he helplessly stared off to a spot somewhere behind you. Self condemnation was written all over his elegantly masculine features. It was as if he was seeing Wendy's ghost hovering behind you, staring at him with accusatory eyes.    

"What...what happened?" you asked tentatively.

Hook leaned his forehead on his one good hand. His features twisted up in regret. "She was happy here at first. Well, as happy as she could be, all things considering. She kept trying to get her brothers to regain their memories. Every day she visited them at the Picanniny encampment, and every night she'd return back to the ship for dinner. She'd eat and chatter with me and the crew and then once the moon was at the highest point in the sky she'd gather everyone round on the prow and then she'd begin to weave her magic. Whenever she would tell her tales, her eyes would light up with unbridled passion, and her voice would rise and dip with the events of the story. Her body would even re-enact the motions of the characters as she spoke. She had a fire inside, our little Wendy..."

Your heart clenched in your chest. You hadn't expected Hook to ever feel any sort of affection for anyone, but it was there so obviously in the way he looked and in the words he used to describe her. Before the mention of another girl in Neverland had been a threat to you, but now after hearing Hook speak of this little girl so fondly, she became like a sister to you. You had never met her, would never meet her, but the memory of her that Hook kept alive and conveyed through his words held a type of spark of the child she once was, and that was enough for your heart to hold onto and turn into a sort of mystical kinship. But, Hook was too far drawn in his memories to notice that your heart was starting to seep and bleed with each new revelation of the tragedy that was once Wendy Darling's life.

"My men adored her. I adored her! She was like a breath of fresh air on this stagnant ship. It was only a matter of time before she had wormed her way into all of our grizzled old hearts, with her shining eyes and indomitable spirit. None of us have children here, or at least if we ever did, we can no longer remember them now. So as you can imagine, every man here became quite protective of our new little charge. She became like a daughter to us."

"We had fun...for a time. But then the days turned into months, and the months turned into years, and during all that time Wendy was unable to make any progress with her brothers. If anything their relationship only became more and more strained as the time went on. Her brothers had begun to grow tired of her relentless hounding and Wendy became frustrated with their stubborn insistence on not leaving. The more days that passed, the more her memories of her parents and her life before began to weigh on her. She began to avoid sleep, for every time she closed her eyes she swore she saw her parents rife with grief and calling out for their missing children. She also began to despise mirrors and anything else that reflected her own image back at her. She even started wearing clothing that was for women much older than she. All of her clothes were several sizes too big and looked somewhat ridiculous on her small frame, but she refused to dress like the child she was no longer. You see, Wendy had aged greatly in her mind, but her body sadly always remained the same. She couldn't bear having the face of a little girl, while also owning a woman's mind and heart."

"After a while the bright spark of wonder that she had, had began to fade as she fell out of enchantment with Neverland. She grew bitter and despondent and little things started to set her off. One minute she'd be telling us all a swashbuckling tale and then she'd just stop and burst into silent tears. She tried to hold herself together she really did and we men all tried our best to comfort her, but surrogate fathers are no replacement for real ones and they certainly are no replacement for a real mother. However despite her struggles, Wendy bravely kept pressing on. Her little brothers gave her a sense of purpose. She clung to the hope that one day she would be able to reach them, and as soon as that happened she would be able to finally go home. However that hope died when her brothers did."

A small gasp escaped your lips and before you could stop yourself you cried out, "Her brothers died?"  

Hook shifted his gaze back to the tabletop in front of him and with a world-weary sigh he recounted the story again, "While John and Michael were certainly close to Peter and the other Lost Boys, they were considered full fledged members of The Picanniny Tribe. They lived with them and lived like them. Well, one of the duties of Picanniny men is to hunt for food or other necessities that the tribe may need. The weather was bad that year. Neverland is a fickle mistress and her weather patterns can change quite quickly. It just so happened that while John and Michael were out fishing one day for the tribe the weather took a sudden turn for the worse. I remember it well, because the storm came upon us so fast that we barely were able to bring the Jolly Roger to port before she let loose. Buckets of rain fell on us in mere minutes and it was so heavy that it felt like you were being pelted by small stones when it hit your bare skin. The sky above was as black and purpled as a bruise and the wind was strong enough to send you tumbling backwards if you weren't careful. And that was only what we experienced on land, out on the waters it was most likely far, far worse."

"I can't say I know exactly what happened to the two young lads, since it took half a fortnight for their bodies to wash up on shore. But if I had to guess, I'd say that a giant wave crest more than likely fell upon their boat and smashed it to pieces. Then the rip current got a hold of em and dragged them both so far out to sea that it would've been impossible to swim back and in those rushing waters with the waves churning and surging it would only be a matter of time before their strength gave out and they would no longer be able to keep their heads above water."

"They drowned?" you asked. Your voice was barely more than a whisper.

The dim cabin, with it's blackened moldings, blood red silk draperies, and sophisticated gilded trimmings felt less like a Captain's bedroom and more like Dracula's lush lair with each lurid detail of the tragic ends of the Darling children. Orange candlelight flickered across the lacquered walls ominously, providing the only source of light in the room. Hook's too blue eyes shined starkly against the contrasts of his ink dark curls and pale skin.  

"Yes I believe so, though to this day I'm still blamed for their deaths," A bitter smile twisted Hook's lips as he continued crossly, "The Princess had a hard time accepting her beloved's death and so what should have been just another sad sea accident eventually turned into yet another sordid tale of the evil and murderous Captain Hook with the poor Darling boys his youngest victims."

With a sickened scowl on his beautiful face, Hook waved his arms mockingly in the air as if to silently say in the subtext, "of-course-let's-blame-the-pirate-captain-for-everything-that-goes-wrong!"  His well groomed mustache even twitched a little as he scoffed indignantly and began to rant, "I am not a good man, I admit it. I'm a pirate. And pirates plunder, pillage, make love to women at night and then leave them without so much as a by-your-leave in the morning, but I am not a child killer."

Clearly incensed, Hook slammed his arms on the table and leaned across the table to bore straight into your eyes as he said intently, "I'm not denying I have blood on my hands. I'm a sea captain, and captains have to keep rank, and the only way to keep thieves and sea dogs in line is to show them no mercy when they cross you. If they get even so much as a whiff of weakness from you, they'll gut you from the back in an instant. It's a hazard of the trade, I'm afraid. But upon my honor, I have only ever crossed those that have crossed me first and I can swear to you my girl that I did not so much as touch a single hair on those boys' heads. My crew knows that, Wendy knew it too, and now so do you."  
After that declaration he eased himself back into his seat and challenged you with his eyes to say otherwise. It was so strange. Hook had been nothing, but calm, cool, and collected the entire evening up until the last fifteen minutes and seeing him silently weep for Wendy and then watching him get so bent out of shape over his reputation, suddenly made you question who the real Captain Hook was. To everyone else he seemed this imposing dastardly figure that was capable of the evilest of crimes and yet the man sitting across from you had been impeccably well-mannered (if a little too suggestive at times for your comfort), openly articulate, and visibly affronted when accused of any sort of crime against children. You didn't know why, but you felt like you were getting a glimpse of Hook that very few people ever got to see. He was dark and frightening in a way, but there was something so very...human about him as well.

At first he had seemed mysterious, provocative, and predatory, but as he recalled the past he seemed to let his emotions slip and it was in those little slips that you felt he was allowing you to see him for whom he was. He made no apologies for himself. He didn't even try to pretend to be completely trustworthy, but there was something about him that captivated you and made you want to believe him. You had come into his chambers fully ready to disbelieve every word out of his mouth and now here you were starting to doubt some of the things out of Peter's instead. You didn't believe Peter and Slightly had lied to you per say, but maybe they had just gotten some of the facts wrong. It was easily done back in your world, though you couldn't exactly recall any specific events anymore thanks to Neverland's selective amnesia, but you still remembered what rumors were and how much damage they could inflict. It wasn't that far of a stretch of the imagination to think how a small rumor or accusation could snowball into a full fledged belief of a guilty party and public opinion wasn't always to be trusted after all. This was all just so frustrating. Everything made sense and nothing made sense at the same time. The two varying accounts fit together in certain areas, but contradicted each other horribly in others. Who was to blame for the Darling children's deaths? Was it Hook? Was it in a way Peter? Or worse off was it fate itself's fault?

You would have said it was all Hook's fault an hour ago, but now you were no longer quite so sure. In fact you weren't sure of much of anything anymore. Your heart longed to believe in Peter and Slightly's version, but your mind and intuition told you not all was as it seemed with their version of events. Hook had told you details and names that Peter nor Slightly ever mentioned, but they had spoken of Red Handed Jill/Wendy as if they had never known her. How could that be if Peter was the one who had brought her to Neverland in the first place? You didn't think Peter could be so cold and unfeeling as to have not cared whether she lived or died. On the other hand though if they were telling the truth then why was Hook becoming so emotional and why would he make up a story so elaborate? What could he possibly gain from making you doubt Peter? He already had you as a hostage if he wanted to hurt you to hurt Peter, but he hadn't so much as even threatened you. He had Tiger Lily as bait to lure out Peter so he couldn't be using you for that too could he? Then again if he was using you just to lure Peter into yet another trap then why was he even bothering to tell you all of this? Nothing was adding up and all the effort you were putting into making the mismatching puzzle pieces fit together was starting to make your head hurt.

You couldn't do anything with the pieces of information you had at the moment so you would just have to get some more you. Rolling you shoulders back, you boldly looked back into Hook's eyes and said,  "Okay, let's say I believe you about the Darling boys' deaths being accidental, what I want to know then is how come everyone also believes that you were the one responsible for Wendy's death instead of her committing suicide?"  

You had expected Hook to passionately proclaim his innocence just as he had earlier, however he just looked up at you sadly and replied, "I told you already didn't I? It's because I am responsible."                            

To be continued…

Authors Note: Well that was enlightening...or rather not. So many questions and not enough answers. Do you believe Hook or do you still think he's a crooked old codfish? Well we will have to see how it all plays out later to know what really happened to the lovely little Darlings. You will get no spoilers from me. On another note, expanding a bit on the rumor mill thing I sort of touch on in regards to Hook's reputation, in the real world it is a really scary and powerful thing. I'm not just talking about ruined reputations though, in history one small rumor or accusation could spread and become deadly. The Salem Witch trials is a perfect example of this. Women were burned at the stake for a single accusation of witchcraft, and that's not to mention all the political propaganda, and mob mind mentalities that caused devastating results for many people throughout all of the ages. Really the power to vilify a person and to believe in the collective opinions of those around us is terrifying to a certain degree. It really fascinates me how easy it is to turn someone into a villain. Now I'm not saying Hook is not a villain...or am I? You will just have to keep reading to find out for sure. That's it from me. Much love to you all!    
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 36
“In our cynical world, where suspicion is a necessity, insisting that something is true is not nearly as powerful as suggesting that something might be true.” - Thomas King

Happy May everybody! I'm back with another chapter as promised, though the more I get into Hook's arc the more I fear having rotten tomatoes thrown at me from you all. *hides behind my laptop screen just in case* I'm not sure how you guys are liking Hook so far. He seems to be getting mixed reviews. Have any of you abandoned your old ships for new ones? Do we have any Hook shippers in the house or are you all still Peter shippers? Maybe you are a Lost Boy shipper or a multi-shipper? As for me...I think I'm a Kwoth shipper myself. His ship is green and sparkly... Anyways let me know in the comments below what ship you're currently sailing on. Until next time guys! :wink kiss: 

To see my inspirations for this story go to:…

For exclusive updates on upcoming chapters follow me on my Tumblr. Also feel free to ask me any questions in my ask box if you have any concerns about the story or anything else.

The Peter Pan Playlist:

Peter Pan belongs to Sir James M. Barrie & :icondisneyplz:
"Tell me. Tell me what happened to Wendy and her brothers," you pleaded as you tried hard not to choke on the rising sob that was currently trying to tear its way out of your throat. The sudden awareness of just how much Neverland had been invading your mind and thoroughly pillaging your life's most precious memories was leaving you feeling hollowed out, as if some primordial piece of your soul had been taken with them. You couldn't help but obsess over how much of your mind had been lost. However, the most persistent and haunting thought of them all was... What might Neverland take from you next?  

Fighting off the icy chill of fear slowly creeping through your veins you clenched your teeth and set your shoulders in an attempt to regain control of your emotions. Not now, you told yourself. There would be plenty of time to fall apart later. Right now you needed all of what was left of your intellect to focus entirely on Hook's account of Red Handed Jill...Wendy. You needed your head to be clear enough to spot any hole, any trace or hint of falsehood in his story. As of yet, everything he had told you seemed to ring of the truth, but then again the best lies always held kernels of the truth. You needed to gather your remaining wits to try and fish out what was fact verses fiction and you couldn't do that if you allowed yourself to be carried away by the tidal waves of your conflicting feelings. You inhaled deeply as you attempted to force the small tremors in your hands to still. It didn't stop them entirely, but the shaking wasn't as obvious as before. The fresh oxygen to your brain seemed to help dissipate some of the darkened clouds of panic that had enshrouded it earlier. It wasn't much of an improvement, but it would have to do for now. There were only so many things one could do with willpower alone. Feelings demanded to be felt eventually, and you would face them again, just not now. Right now the only thing that mattered was the enigmatic man crouched by your side with eyes the color of glacial waters and with a voice that was as suggestive as his sinewy body was.

The man, who was reputed to be a murderous monster, was busy carefully reading your every move and facial expression. His sharp eyes noticed everything from your slightly shaking hands to your stiffened spine. His eyes took you in as if he were studying a particular work of art. His arched brows knit together in a look of deep deliberation. You couldn't tell if he liked what he was seeing or didn't. His face was unreadable. The intense scrutiny began to make you feel subconscious. Your soul instinctively wanted to shrink away from his implacable gaze, but you forced yourself to stay still. If he was still the enemy everyone had made him out to be then you wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing you unnerved by his silent staring. If he turned out to be an unexpected friend rather than foe then you wanted to be seen as equals and not as a flinching little girl.  

"Are you going to continue the story or are you just going to stare at me all night?" you turned to him and asked flatly.

The edges of his plush lips twitched upwards in contained amusement and his frozen eyes now held a slight spark. "I'm not sure. Right now I'm inclined to do both."

Refusing to let him bait you, you answered stiffly, "And I'm inclined to leave."

He exhaled a solitary chuckle to himself as he gathered to his feet so gracefully that it looked like he was pulled up by hidden strings. With clipped casual strides he made his way around the table and back to his seat across from yours. You couldn't help but notice how he moved with the predatory elegance of a jungle panther.

"You are a much stronger woman than I had given you credit for," he mused more to himself than to you.

""I'll take that as a compliment," you shot back, bringing your eyes up to meet his squarely.
His fine looking lips broke out into a full on grin. "As it was meant to be," he stated with an acknowledging nod of his obsidian head.

You didn't know what to say after that and so you decided to say nothing as you folded your arms over your chest and fixed your gaze on his. You let your eyes speak for you as you silently pressed for him to drop the small talk and get back to the matter at hand. He took your silent cue and after settling himself more comfortably in his seat he took up the story once again.

"Where was I? Oh yes, that's right, Wendy and the memory loss... Wendy's younger brothers, John and Michael had forgotten all about their parents and the lives they had, had before. After being adopted into the Picanniny Tribe and The Lost Boy family they had begun to view Neverland as their only home. They had no desire to return to a life in a world of which they no longer knew. You can imagine how our poor Wendy must have felt at the time, she was a girl caught between two worlds. Her mind could still recall her mother and father's faces even if some other things had faded and after the boy she loved basically told her and her heart to get lost she wanted nothing more than to return to her home, but she couldn't go back without her brothers. What would she tell her parents when she arrived by herself? That their own children had forgotten them and had chosen to remain behind in another world instead and that she had left them there? Wendy's heart may have been severely wounded by Peter, but she could not bring herself to act selfishly and return home only to wound her parents hearts in turn. Though she was young in years, her soul was of an older lot."

Your heart ached for this little girl who once was just as lost in this strange world as you were now. At least you were older. You couldn't imagine what you would have done if you had been only thirteen when Peter whisked you away to this viciously beautiful realm.

"Wendy tried to reason with and persuade her brothers to go back with her. She thought that they just needed some gentle reminders of what their parents were like to recover their lost memories and then once they remembered they would be dying to return again as she herself was. However, it did not take. Time passed without so much as a single budge from her brothers. Things eventually came to a head one day for Wendy. She could no longer endure living with the boy whom she loved whom did not love her, pretending to play house every day while she longed for her real home. She was tired of playing the role of mother to a gaggle of unruly boys at a time in her life when girls her age needed their own mother's guidance the most. She was half way an adult surrounded by untamed children. She had confessed to me once that it had felt like she was the only sane person in asylum full of madness. She just couldn't take it anymore."

"Then what did she do?" you asked a touch too eagerly. Once again Hook's heady voice had managed to completely draw you in. For his own part, he seemed completely oblivious of his abilities to weave the past into life through his words and melodious tones. The atmosphere inside the dimly lit Captain's quarters felt pregnant with the heavy weight of the past, as if he was conjuring it back to life with his every breath. It was if you could see this lovely bright child known as Wendy Darling in your mind's eye. A girl with beautiful culrs held back by a bow in her hair with a delicate face that warred somewhere between the round softness of childhood and the more sharpened angles of womanhood.

"She did what you did when your back was against the wall and you had nowhere else to go."

A confused look crossed your face as you struggled to understand what he meant.

"She went looking for help elsewhere. Just like you she thought she'd try her luck with the mermaids, but after several attempts at drowning her, she had barely managed to escape with her life by brandishing a very large conch shell over her head like a club." He laughed openly at this as he went on, "She was such a pristine girl, but when those sea-hags tried to take her down she came out swinging like a man."

A shudder ran down your spine at the remembrance of the clawing, scraping hands of the malevolent mermaids as they dragged you below the ocean's surface. Their dazzling faces twisted in unholy carnal glee. You closed your eyes and tried to push the unwelcome memory away.

Sensing your discomfort Hook quickly added, "Though Wendy never actually dared to go into the water with them. She only ever stood on one of the large rocks in the lagoon, while they jumped up and tried to grab her ankles. She had the advantage of the high ground where as you..."

"Were so dumb to put myself squarely into the water face to face with them where they had the obvious advantage?" you offered after he had trailed off.

Hook astutely offered no response to that. He did pick up the narrative again though, "After her dealings with the mermaids, she attempted to move on to the pixies, however unlike you, she never even made it to Pixie Hollow. Ms. Bell saw to that personally..."

Hook's eyes narrowed as he stared off to the side where the pixie in question was still peacefully sleeping in the clear lantern on the table beside the slightly snoring Mr. Smee. It was only a brief flash, but you could have sworn you had seen a look of disdain enter his too blue eyes before they smoothed back into their usual mask of taunting indifference. It happened so fast you would almost have sworn it didn't happen at all...almost.

Feeling your eyes on him, Hook presented you with a disarming smile and just like that he brought his attention back to you and to the tale. "When that plan also failed she turned to the Picaninny Tribe which was also a lost cause thanks to her little brother's close ties with them. The Chief had seen Princess Tiger Lily's affection for the oldest one John, and his obvious adoration of her, that he saw no need to help Wendy in taking them away from one another. At her wits end and with no one to turn to she came to me with a proposition."

"What kind of proposition?" you asked suspiciously.

What could a thirteen year old want from this man, and more importantly what would he want from her? Despite his licentious appearance he didn't look like the type to prey upon young girls, but then again pedophiles rarely ever looked like what we imagine them to.

Hook picked up on your thoughts and immediately looked aghast and affronted. His lips curled up in disgust as he scoffed contemptuously, "While there might not be that many women in Neverland, I assure you, I have not sunk so low as to force myself on to little girls."

For the first time since you had met him Hook's mask of casual sensuality and mystery had completely dropped. His cool eyes were ablaze with blue fire and he angled his body away from you towards the side of the room as he crossed his muscular arms over his chest in irritation. You could almost feel the waves of angry indignation pouring off of him. He looked away from you as if he could not believe the absurdity of such a thought. He lounged fitfully in his seat like a brooding king on a throne. He may be a pillaging pirate, kidnapper, and murderer, but it was somehow comforting to know that he at least drew the line at taking advantage of innocent children.
Hook sat silently, apparently in no hurry to continue your conversation. Sensing you were on your way to a stalemate, you decided to smooth his ruffled feathers by offering a sincere apology.
"I'm sorry. I did not mean to accuse you, but in my world the word proposition usually comes with a lascivious meaning behind it."

Hook arched one eyebrow up in question as he peered at you from the side. He hesitated a few seconds before returning to a forward position. "I was not aware of that. I will remember that the next time I use the word." Seemingly placated he returned to his normal countenance, only you couldn't help but notice how he tugged at his robed sleeves with a bit more sense of propriety than he had before. Apparently you had managed to inadvertently strike the nobleman's honor. It was a piece of information you decided to store away in case it could prove useful in the future.
"Very well then, what I meant to say was she came to me offering of sorts," he carried on carefully.

You looked up at him earnestly and nodded for him to continue. Sensing that you weren't still mentally accusing him of a crime against a child, he decided to elaborate. "You see living together in the same space with the boy who had callously spurned her affections was not something Wendy believed she could endure any longer. It hurt her heart and her pride too much. So she came to me seeking room and board until she was able to find a way to get her and her brothers back home. In exchange for me allowing her to stay she agreed to join my pirate crew."  

Understanding began to come over you as you stated more than questioned, "And that's how she became Red Handed Jill?"

"Yes, and I would like to point out that she came up with that name herself and insisted we all call her by that instead of Wendy. Though personally I've never thought it a fitting name for a girl, even a pirate one." Hook wrinkled his nose up in distaste and it actually made him look cute for once; not handsome, not sensual, just cute. Somehow that was worse than his dark lover image because it made him feel more human, more real.

You hastily grabbed for your wine goblet and used it as a prop to shield your face from him as you leaned your head back and downed a too large boozy gulp. The stuff tasted acidic on your tongue, but you didn't want Hook to see you thinking of him in a better light, even if it was just a slight one.

It turned out you could have spared your efforts because Hook was looking down at the table top in front of him with a small grin of past fondness. His eyes had clouded over again as he lost himself somewhere deep in his memory. He strummed his lengthy slim fingers on the table's flat surface as a tone of knowing playfulness crept into his mellifluous voice.

"She told me she could never be expected to pillage, and that swabbing the poop deck was no task for a lady, so she decided to become our nightly story teller instead. Completely free of her own volition I might add. I was hesitant at first to let a slip of a girl stay on my ship, but she had seemed so decided and determined that without really knowing what I was doing, I found myself agreeing to her terms. I gave her, her own cabin, and I allowed her to eat with myself and my men at every meal, as well as granting her full freedom to roam about on board wherever she liked..." he paused and fixed his icey blue eyes on you pointedly, "except for my private chamber of course. No one is permitted in here except for Mr. Smee...and you right now obviously."  

This new information put Peter and Slightly's story a bit out of wack. Sure it explained why Wendy had joined Captain Hook's crew and how her name had changed, but it still didn't explain why she had died so brutally.  

Deciding to be bold you gave voice to your thoughts, "If all this is true, then how did she wind up with her throat cut? Who killed her?"

Hook's face instantly shut down and clouded over. His dark curtain of lashes swept over his cheeks as he cast his eyes downward in somber reflection. His body went rigid in his seat. A trickle of fear blossomed on the back of your neck at his sudden stillness. You didn't know what you had expected him to do next but you certainly were not prepared for the sight of a single glistening tear falling from one of his eyes as he brought them up to meet yours levelly. They were glossy and shining with more held back tears as his steady voice faltered into a low hushed whisper as he replied, "She did. She killed herself."  

To be continued…

Authors Note: Well, that was...something. If you hadn't noticed by now, my Neverland is a lot darker than the original is made out to be so I hope Wendy's death isn't too much of a shock for you all. I know that some of you may have mental health issues of your own so I'm giving you all a trigger warning now that the next chapter will deal with suicide. So if you are sensitive to such things, please take care of yourselves and maybe skip the next chapter and wait for chapter 37 to presume reading. I know it sucks skipping a chapter and feeling like you might have missed out on something important, but your mental health needs to come first and I'd hate for anyone's suicidal thoughts to be triggered because of something I wrote. So for me please, just skip the next one okay?  For everyone else please stay tuned for the next chapter to find out what will happen next. Much love to you all!    
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 35
:iconmanlytearsplz:"I'm not crying...It's just been raining...on my face..."- Hook at some time probably

I must say, Captain Hook has been such a joy to write. He really keeps me on my toes  as a writer lol. His character just keeps getting deeper and deeper as I go on, but that's just me. Are you guys liking Hook so far? You buying his story? Do you think he's a villain or maybe something else? I'm curious to hear your opinions on him.

To see my inspirations for this story go to:…

For exclusive updates on upcoming chapters follow me on my Tumblr. Also feel free to ask me any questions in my ask box if you have any concerns about the story or anything else.

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Captain James Hook, scourge of Neverland and habitual kidnapper pirate, sat across from you on his high backed throne of a chair. His long curling hair framed his face in a voluminous cloud of blackened silk. His glacial blue eyes were glossy with memory and weariness as they bored straight into your own. When he spoke his words were very slow and deliberate, "Listen carefully to my words pet, for what I'm about to tell you I'm afraid is the absolute truth and because it is the truth, I fear it will hurt you greatly, but nevertheless you have to face it because I don't want your fate to become the same as hers. I can see the suspicion in your eyes and that is perfectly well with me, I'd be worried if you believed me easily," He flashed the briefest of wry smiles before continuing, "Just listen to what I have to say and then make your own judgement on what to believe or whom to believe. That is all I ask."

Hook's words sounded so perfectly reasonable that you wanted to beg him to tell you everything he knew right then, and the curiosity he had piqued within you was dying to be satisfied, but still a smaller deeper part of you, the part that held George's memory as well as your love for Peter and The Lost Boys kept you from telling him to go on. That special part of your heart where you carried them around with you cried out silently for you to leave, to cover your ears, and run, but the more logical part of your brain kept you still seated in your chair. You were at war with yourself.  Your heart which was now slightly wounded with the thought of Peter having already loved another before, wanted nothing more than to escape and to hold true to your already pre-conceived notions of who Peter really was, but your head was already busy testing the pieces of information Hook had already given you and it was having a hard time ignoring the glaring discrepancies between Hook's account of events as to those of Peter's account. No matter how much you wanted to you couldn't just leave and blindly trust in Peter's word alone, especially when it seemed like Hook knew more about your own boyfriend than you did. You had no other choice than to at least hear what Hook had to say.

A solemn nod towards the self proclaimed centuries old sea Captain was all he needed to proceed, "As I was saying, at first Neverland was a dream for Wendy and her brothers, but then as it always does, love complicates things. Despite the time paradox of Neverland one thing remains the same in the normal world as it does here and that is the fact that girls always mature much faster than boys. Thus was the case of Peter and Wendy. After being here quite some time Wendy began to fall in love with Peter and as I'm sure you well know, first loves are always the most crushing. But when you add a little magical interference to the mix they can become completely soul consuming."  

Hook paused for a moment and taking you in with his gaze, seemed to be deliberating something with himself. His handsome brow furrowed into a worried line and his pillowy lips pulled down into an almost pouty frown. You had seen that look before. It was the look people got when they had bad news to tell but weren't sure how much to say or how well the other person would handle it.

A few days ago you would have admitted that you were a person who couldn't handle bad news very well. However Neverland had since cured you of that with it's relentless line of one blow after another. Twice already you were sure that you had breathed your last breath and so now while the looming threat of your heart maybe breaking was a big concern, you were positive you would survive it just as you had survived so many other things here in Neverland already. The softness you had, had before your arrival was gone now as well as the constant anxiety of what the future held in store for you. You were not the person you once were, you were stronger now, and in some respects harder, but you didn't feel bad about losing that softness. In losing your softness you had gained a new appreciation for yourself and for your life in general and in place of that softness, a backbone of steel was beginning to form. Despite the sickening churning in your gut that said your relationship with Peter might not ever be the same after this conversation, your new found strength reassured you  that it was better to face your problems head on then to run from them. You were scared about what you might learn here tonight and your heart clenched at the thought of maybe losing Peter, but you had to push ahead through these feelings and find out the truth of what happened to Red Handed Jill... or rather Wendy Darling. If you ever wanted to have a future with Peter, if you were really going to stay in this brutal world with him forever, then you needed to know everything about his past and since he had never offered it up himself you would just have to take this chance to hear it from another.  

And so even though your mouth was currently going dry as sandpaper, you motioned for Hook to continue the story. He hesitated for a split second before rolling his shoulders in an elegant shrug that said, "you asked for it". With a dramatic wave of his good hand he carried on where he had last left off.

"You see my dear girl, Wendy had developed very strong feelings towards Peter, but Peter at his age was completely oblivious to them. All the Lost Boys for their part had come to think of her as a kind of a mother figure and consequently as their leader Peter was delegated as the father of their little makeshift family. Precocious and rash as Peter was he quite liked the idea of playing house, especially when it put him as the head of it. So they continued on like that for some time, she the doting mother who tucked her boys into bed every night while telling them fanciful stories to fill their dreams and Peter the father who called all the shots, kept order, and administered discipline whenever one of the boys stepped out of line. To him it was a long standing game, a running joke if you will, but to Wendy what started out as pretend soon became all too real indeed. And so before she was even aware of it herself she had become victim to the pains of unrequited love. What was supposed to be innocent make believe soon turned into a desperate yearning of hers to become real. Yet as I mentioned before, the Peter you know now is a man, but the Peter Wendy knew was only ever a boy, and not just any type of boy, a boy without supervision, one left to do as he pleased when he pleased with no one to question him or to properly teach him about the more subtle nuances of life. This made him impulsive, obnoxious, thoughtless, and unbelievably selfish. He was like a gust of wind who came and went as he pleased, blind to all the things he stirred up in his wake."

Hook took a moment to take another sip of wine from his goblet. You hated to admit it, but he cut quite a dashing figure. His impeccable manners and posture hinted at a higher brand of education and breeding than you were used to. Then again if he really was centuries old it would make sense if he had been raised as one of the privileged elite at one time. The thought led you to question what kind of life Hook had, had before he came to Neverland and that led to even more questions about how exactly he had came here in the first place. Did a pixie take a liking to him too?

You studied the mysterious man before you as he took his time gingerly dabbing his mouth with a white cloth napkin. He wasn't exactly behaving like the villain everyone had painted him to be, well at least not yet anyway. There was still no telling how this little meeting was going to end and you couldn't trust that what he had said about Peter and The Lost Boys being fine earlier was entirely true. You gave him a once over, starting with his perfectly coiled dark locks, down over the sharply cut planes of his broad shoulders and narrow waist. The table blocked the view of the rest of him, but really it was enough on its own. Despite being dressed and poised like a gentlemen he had the dark sensuous features of an accomplished libertine. He actually looked like he belonged on the cover of one of those historically themed romance novels that moms liked to secretly read. Although your heart beat only for Peter, you couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of such a rare male specimen.    

Hook's plush lips pulled upwards into an arch smile as his eyes twinkled with a knowing light. A wash of heat rushed into your cheeks at having been caught openly gawking at him. You let out a strangled cough as you pointedly turned your gaze towards your lap. Mortification and instant regret were no doubt flitting across your features. Despite his obvious grin, Hook mercifully decided not to make any comment and spared you from any further humiliation by going back to telling his story.

"Being the straight-forward type of girl that she was, Wendy confronted Peter about his feelings one night as they were participating in the annual Fairy Dance. She asked him what he felt when he thought about the word love. To her misery, Pan callously told her that he had never felt love and that even the sound of it offended him. Wendy tried to reach out to him, but when he realized what her true feelings were for him he threw a terrible tantrum, yelling at her and asking her why she had to spoil everything."

You were a bit taken aback by this part of his story. Peter never having felt love? That sounded so strange, especially since it really hadn't taken him all that long to warm up to you. And then there was this business about tantrums. The Peter you knew was a strong leader who took his responsibilities seriously and who cared about his people more than he did his own life. You couldn't even imagine someone like him throwing a temper tantrum just because a girl fancied herself in love with him.

The Captain must have seen the disbelief in your face for he smiled drily and said, "Oh yes it's true, he had quite a temper when he was younger and he threw it at anyone who challenged his own ideas. But like I said in the beginning, the young Peter of the past was a far cry from the capable and level-headed man you and I know today. He has done a lot of growing up in the past century or so whether he liked it or not." Here Hook paused and his casual expression seemed to turn bitter, "Our Neverland has a cruel sense of irony in that way. You come here with a promise of one thing only to end up receiving the exact opposite later."  

Hook was quiet for a few seconds, once again having retreated into some place very deep inside himself. It was in moments like these that you could believe his claims of being over two hundred years old. Most people didn't get that glazed-over haunted look in their eyes unless they had seen a lot of terrible things in their lives. You sat patiently, letting him retract himself from whatever dark place he had gone to. When he had managed to draw himself back to the present, he blinked rapidly and turned those piercing blue eyes towards you. "My apologies, I tend to get lost in my own memories sometimes. Speaking of which why don't we go back to Peter and Wendy again. Shall we?"

You nodded your assent even though the painful tightening in your chest was telling you that you really didn't want to hear the rest of the story. You ignored it. You were tired of running away from the things that scared you. However this tale of Hook's ended you would bring it up to Peter as soon as you were reunited and saw that everyone was safe. Then you would let him tell his side of the story before you made up your mind about anything.

The Captain having regathered himself wasted no more time in returning back to the matter at hand, "As I mentioned to you before, girls mature so much more quickly than boys do and so having grown up just enough to realize that she no longer didn't want to grow up, our darling Wendy confessed to Peter that she thought love was something you could only realize when you grow up. Pan, who was unable to comprehend this theory, told Wendy that he would never grow up and that he absolutely refused to and that no one could make him. Then he threatened her that if she tried he would banish her."

You felt a sharp twisting pain in your heart at his words. Banishment. Now that was something the Peter you knew would do because he had already done it. Peter had banished Tinker Bell when she had tricked The Lost Boys into shooting you out of the sky your very first day in Neverland. The succulent grapes you had been nibbling on earlier suddenly seemed unappetizing and they turned into ash in your mouth. Hook was blind to your sudden discomfort and so continued on talking.  

"Now, though our Wendy was a sweet tempered child by nature, she would not let anyone, even the boy she loved, tell her what to do. So she stood her ground and yelled right back at him that she would not be banished. Peter was not used to being stood up to, especially by someone his own age, and so he screamed at her in anger to just go home and grow up and to take her feelings with her. Then he flew away and left her stranded there alone in the Forest of the Faeries. It is one thing to have your heart rejected by someone, let alone your first love, but it is quite another thing to have it thrown back at you so spitefully. As strong as Wendy was she was not strong enough to withstand such a blow and so after a night of crying her eyes out she decided she would do just as Peter said, and that she would gather her brothers and go back home."

"Then what happened?" you asked leaning a little inwards towards Hook. His deep melodious voice had managed to draw you into the story. Hook faintly shook his head back and forth with his eyes downcast. "It took her a long time to convince her brothers to go back with her. You see the longer one stays in Neverland the memories that one wishes to forget will suddenly become forgotten. The two boys, Michael and John, had begun to entirely forget their mother and father and the life they had left behind. I'll prove it to you. When was the last time you thought of your family or the life you lived before you came to Neverland?"

The simple question struck you like a bolt of lighting. You had been in Neverland for only a week or two, but it dawned on you that in that brief period of time you hadn't really thought of anyone or anything you left behind, only about yourself and who you used to be. You pushed at your memory which used to be clear as a bell, but now when you tried to remember your loved ones' faces there was nothing but a faint, blurred silhouette of a person. A prickle of anxiety began to shoot up your spine as you desperately tried to pull things from your memory that seemed to no longer be there. What was the name of your best friend? Who was your favorite childhood teacher? What street did you live on?

You couldn't remember any of it. It was like everything and everyone from your life prior to  Neverland had been erased and now there was this big empty void in your brain where they all should be. Sheer panic started to well up within you as you frantically tried to probe your memory for some little scrap of your former life, some tiny insignificant shred of recollection that hadn't been taken from you. Your mind had forgotten every one and every thing you used to love, but your heart still knew that there was something, someone that you did very much love before, but now you couldn't tell who or what that was anymore. Fat tear droplets began pouring from your eyes in no doubt a hideous waterfall. You had forgotten your own parents and huge chunks of your childhood were ripped out and missing leaving only faint impressions of events that were once monumental to making you the person you were now. How could I forget them?  

Hook's large warm hand lightly rested atop your own over the table top. Your brought your still dripping eyes up to his in horror. "What's happening to me?" you whispered in a pleading tone. His cool blue eyes were pinched with compassion. He started to gently rub the top of your hand with his thumb as he answered in a tone that people usually used to calm animals, "It is one of the effects of living in this world I'm afraid. If at some point you ever decide that you don't want to remember something, even subconsciously, Neverland will erase those memories from your mind without you ever being aware of it. When you came to Neverland you didn't want to grow up yes? This was probably because there was something in your former life that scared you, something you wanted to run away from and forget, and so when you came here the more you stayed, the more Neverland erased."

"How do I get it back?" you begged as your body began to shake with this new found information. When Peter had come into your window all those nights ago he hadn't mentioned anything about forgetting who you used to be... or had he? The memory of the night you first met Peter was still there and crystal clear though everything before his appearance was lost. Did Peter know about this effect? Did he know that when he promised to take you to a world where you never grew up (possibly not true). that you would also never remember anything from your previous life again? If he did how could he not tell you? Did he not know how important some of those memories were? Precious moments of your life that you may never be able to get back again...

A sob broke free from your throat as you realized that you may never know who you used to be ever again. It felt as if your very identity had been erased. You had a strange feeling of having been violated in the worst way. Neverland had reached into your mind without your consent and it had taken all of who you used to be and love and the worst part of it all was that you hadn't even known it. It had all happened and you hadn't even felt a thing. In all your time here in this awful world only this one man who they called Hook had bothered to bring it to your attention, to let you know that you had been robbed blind of all you once had held dear.

Hook stood and slowly, carefully came around the table to stand towards your left. He leaned down, crouching on the balls of his feet as it brought your face level with his. "Oooh" he cooed, "there, there," he comforted you as he brought his one good hand up to gently brush away the tear tracks that had formed down your cheeks with a handkerchief from his robe pocket. You would have smacked it away from you and spat at him if it hadn't been for the sincerity in his eyes and the compassion in his tone. There wasn't a hint of patronization or calculation on him. His eyes met yours with a world weariness that seemed to understand the weight of your agony. He dabbed at your eyes gently like a father would do to a beloved daughter. "It doesn't have to be this way," he said as he used his hooked hand to tuck away a stray lock of your hair that threatened to fall into your eyes. You should have been afraid to have that gleaming cold silver close to your face, but  there was nothing the least bit threatening about Hook in that moment. His muscles were loose and relaxed and his face seemed only to want to console you. "You can regain your memories again. All is not lost. At least...not yet."

"How do I get them back?" you desperately begged once more.

"I will tell you everything, but first you must hear the rest of the story."

To be continued…

Authors Note: You know what I like about the Peter Pan story? It's that to certain people Peter is a wonderful and exciting hero who encompasses everything that is magical and fun in the world, while to other's Peter, not Hook, is the villain of his own story. A boy who never grows up sounds really sweet and charming to some people, but to others a child that never grows up is just an insufferable brat. Lots of people like to point out that Peter is a selfish and arrogant kid with somewhat sadistic tendencies seeing as he cut of Hook's hand and fed it to a crocodile and seemingly had no remorse about it. And considering in the original version by J.M. Barrie there is that line where when the Lost Boys seemed to be growing up, which was against the rules, Peter "thinned" them out... Yeah, I don't like to think about that line very much...But I just really love the duality of Peter's character. He is both hero and villain and I think that's really cool. Now fear not my dear readers my Peter is not a sadist. Whether or not he is the hero or the villain though is yet to be seen. Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out what will happen next. Much love to you all!    
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 34
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I never post status updates, but for those wondering when the next chapter of my Peter Pan series will be out, all I can say is that it will be out soon...very, very, soon. *cackles evilly*
As it turns out the hole that you and Hatter had fallen into wasn't a hole at all, but rather a very carefully constructed trap that the old man dressed in head to toe armor had set up to try and kill the Jabberwock. It took some time, but eventually you and Hatter were able to climb out of the deep pit with some reluctant help from the old man. All the while he hurled strange old world insults and curses at you both. After just surviving an attack from the horrifying Jabberwock you weren't even able to be afraid of this clanking, muttering, old man. Once Hatter had climbed out of the hole he came to stand by your side. The old man continued his grand hissy fit by yelling, "Saboteurs! Pig pushing phlegm!Bug badgers!" You and Hatter could have both died by this loony old man's trap had you of fallen on one of those sharpened wooden spikes. Anger welled up within you and so you turned on the old man demanding, "Who are you?"

The armored old coot instantly stood up straighter, walking towards you both purposefully as he answered indignantly, "I am a knight!" As he got within a few feet of you he stopped and softened his tone as he smiled proudly and continued, "A white knight to be precise. Sir Charles Eustace Fotheringhay La Malfoy the Third."

The white knight stood smiling at you, clearly pleased with himself until the awkward silent pause from you and Hatter made him speak again, "Who are you?"

Hatter didn't offer up his name so you decided to go first, "I'm (your name). And I'm looking for my friend Alice."

The old man's demeanor shifted curiously as he got closer and brought his face just inches from yours."Alice? The Alice...The Alice?" He seemed strangely intense as he questioned you.

"No," you answered flatly not really sure why everyone seemed to react so strangely whenever Alice's name was mentioned, "just Alice."

The strange elderly man seemed to mull that over as he turned his head to the side. He then proceeded to make a few weird faces as he visibly tried to process what you had said. The man was an odd duck to be sure. Hatter edged the side of his body in front of you a bit between yourself and the white knight as he said, "I thought all you guys were wiped out years ago?"

The old man then turned his attention toward Hatter and answered happily, "Well you thought wrong. As you can see I am as fit as a butcher's dog!"

He tried to stand up straight and regally, but an unfortunately timed cough managed to escape from his chest. The man had to be at least over 60 maybe more closer to 70 with his balding head with patches of short snow white curling hair on the side. He had a slightly curled long goatee and a matching finely twirled mustache. His armor was probably a brilliant white like his hair at some point, but now it was clearly time worn with chinks and flecking off paint here and there. By the sounds it made when he walked it appeared to be rusting in some spots as well. Still the erratic man, Sir Charles something or other, sported his shabby armor with the utmost of pride.  

Remembering what Hatter had told you on the elevator bus about The Queen getting rid of all the knights and taking The Looking Glass you asked him, "Are there any other's like you?"

The white knight turned his back towards you and said in his noble old world accent, "Certainly not. I'm one of a kind. My Nan used to say that if I was the only eligible bachelor left in the world, there wasn't a warthog or wallflower who'd polish my escutcheon." Then the old man picked up a long shovel that he had brought with him and laughed wheezily.

Realizing that he must have thought you meant the question personally, you asked again more specifically this time, "No, I meant are there any other knights in these woods...your comrades in arms?"

The old man looked back at you nonchalantly and replied, "Heavens no! Are you mad? We were all wiped out years ago."

Hatter, who had been eyeing the white knight somewhat suspiciously and more than a little perplexed, took that moment to chime in while pointing to the massive hole, "You dug that pit on your own?"

Picking up on the obvious skepticism in Hatter's tone the white knight dropped his shovel and blustered forth towards him huffily, "You think I'm too old? Well let me tell you something nugface!" You and Hatter both took instinctive steps back as the old man kept advancing closer. "Youth is vastly overrated!" he raised one hand to his balding head and continued, "I may have put on a few years, but I'm crafty. I've a very inventive and calculating mind. Set high with groundbreaking state of the art ideas! I've made all sorts of things!" Finally he came to a stop as he took a deep breath. "The beehive mouse trap for instance," he said pointedly with gleeful pride. "And this here pit which you have rudely fallen in is in fact my third attempt at the gravity assisted snare mark four."After this little tirade the knight stared at you bug eyed for a second before turning his back again and walking towards the aforementioned pit.

You were at a loss for words at the spectacle, but Hatter sure wasn't. He turned towards you and pointed at the old knight declaring flatly, "He's mad as a box of frogs." After exchanging a knowing look with you he turned back towards the old man and asked, "How have you survived?"

The white knight stopped in his tracks and held his hands wide out to the sides in a stop motion as he began to heavily sniff the air. You and Hatter both were silent as you listened to the surrounding woods, but there was no noise except for the constant hum of insects and birds. There wasn't even a faint hint of the Jabberwock's cries. After a few moments the old man suddenly put his hands down and started speaking as if nothing had happened, "Hmm? Oh well, I'm a knight...and I'm an inventor as I said, although it's more strictly on a part time basis."

Hatter seemed just about as dumbfounded by the knight and his oddness as you were. "You don't say?" was all he could offer to that incredibly vague answer. Hatter looked the old man up and down obviously scrutinizing him.

The old man lowered his voice ominously and added, "And I dabble in the black arts now and then." Then he held up his hands showily like a magician and began to mutter breathily, "Soothsaying...toenail readings...that sort of thing."  

Hatter looked like he wasn't buying any of it as he glanced over at you. The white knight just beamed back at you genially before saying, "Here let me show you, give me your palm," and he suddenly grabbed your left hand. He began raising it to his sight, but realizing that was the hand the Stone of Wonderland was on you immediately pulled it out of his grasp snapping, "Get off!" But it was too late. The old man had frozen where he was and his expression was that of recognition. His voice lowered and took on a sobering note. "What's that on your finger?" he whispered.

He hesitantly inched a bit closer towards you. Unconsciously you glanced down at your hand as you put it in your pocket answering with a too suspicious sounding, "Nothing."

Hatter tensed up by your side and you felt him moving in closer towards you, prepared to protect you from the last white knight if necessary. However the old man wasn't looking at you like Dodo had, instead he looked like he was about to cry as his eyes began to mist."The sacred ring...The Stone of Wonderland...our ring," he rambled on softly as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

After hearing the "our ring" part Hatter held out one hand and stopped the knight forcefully from taking another step towards you. ."Don't get too excited granddad the ring stays on the lady's finger okay?"

Despite Hatter's obvious threat the white knight turned as if he hadn't heard him and let out a hollow sound that was somewhere between a cry and a moan. He dropped down onto his knees, his hands pressed together in a praying position exclaiming, "It was meant to be, this time, this place, this meeting in the woods!"

The rather frail looking knight closed his eyes and seemingly began to make crying sounds of gratitude. You didn't know what to think of this kind of reaction. Hatter, however did, as he grabbed your hand and began to pull you away proclaiming, "Ookkaayyy, we need to get away from him before he gets us killed."

He began to usher you away, but you pulled out of his loose grip and turned to face him head on.

"But maybe he can help us," you tried to bargain with Hatter. You couldn't explain it, but you had a strong feeling in your gut that this knight, Charlie, may be of some help to you in finding Alice, especially with the way he hadn't attempted to try and take the ring like every body else in this world seemed to.  

Hatter looked back at you as if you were crazier than the old man. "Have you forgotten about the weirdo that's tailing us?" he glanced back towards where the white knight was still kneeling and gestured widely with his hand as if trying to find the right words, "This...freak-show is gonna draw his attention for sure."

You understand Hatter's reasoning and honestly you were half in mind to agree with him, but you still couldn't shake your gut instinct to stick with the somewhat senile knight. His reaction to seeing the ring had been quite unusual, but at the same time his cries of gratitude to the sky seemed genuine.

"This knight has survived out here for this long. Maybe he knows a thing or two?" you stated as you made up your mind then and there to trust him for now.

Hatter leaned closer as if he was going to argue with you more, but you didn't give him the chance as you turned and just started walking towards the kneeling old man, all the while ignoring Hatter's openly exasperated face.

"Listen...Charlie, we have some very bad men following us who wanna kill us and steal the ring. Do you know anywhere we could lay low for awhile?"

The knight stayed kneeling in his prayer position as he proclaimed, "The stars are aligned in a cosmic ray of hope!"

From behind you Hatter sarcastically commented, "And you wanna put your faith in him?"

You turned to look back at Hatter. He had his hands on his hips with the ends of his sienna leather jacket pushed back behind them. His dark brown tufts of hair with their cinnamon colored highlights were wildly sticking out from under the brim of his light colored straw hat. His dark eyes looked back at you skeptically. You glanced at the old man from the corner of your eye, seeing his point, but choosing to go with your gut instead. You stepped closer towards Hatter, trying to not let the white knight hear you as you told Hatter in a hushed tone,"Yes, he might be nuts...and a hundred and fifty years old...and dressed like a car crash, but he's a survivor."

"And I'm not deaf!" The knight cried out as he shakily stood up to his feet again. "You who are looking for just Alice. I, Sir Charles Eustace Fotheringhay La Malfoy the Third, White Knight, and Guardian of the Curtsy," here he stopped and curtsied as much as he could with his creaky knees and in his heavy armor.

Hatter interjected quietly in your ear with a childishly snarky, "Oop there it is."

The white knight, Charlie, as your mind had taken to calling him, didn't seem to care as he continued on regally, "will be honored to escort you, your goods..." he paused and made a scrunched up reluctant face as he stared at Hatter, "and your my sacred kingdom." Then he finished with a half bow in your direction.

Hatter instantly swiveled to face you and clearly affronted he exclaimed, "Did he just call me a vassal?"

You were saved from having to answer that as the knight motioned and called for Hatter to help him stand up straight. It seems the old man had gotten a crick in his back as he had bowed and was now stuck in a pitiful half hunched over position.

Hatter threw up his hands and raised his eyes towards the sky as he exploded, "Oh, for crying out loud!"

Despite his frustrations, Hatter still marched over to where the old knight was sadly still bent and proceeded to help him stand up straight again. One quick jerk from Hatter's sturdy arms set the fragile knight upright and back to a normal standing position.Then the knight began to make his way towards you, offering Hatter only a parsley, "Good help." offer of thanks behind his back. With that the knight held out one crooked arm nobly to you and motioned for you to move ahead. You exchanged one last glance back at Hatter and while he clearly did not like this new arrangement he didn't seem to be putting up much of a fight against it, so you looped your arm in the old man's worn armored one and let him lead the way.

To be continued…

Author’s Notes: Have I ever mentioned how much I love Hatter and his overly dramatic gestures? Honestly, he is such a drama king sometimes! I've noticed that in the movie whenever he is with Charlie his dramatic flair tends to come out more, maybe because Charlie is just as dramatic a person as he is so he can't allow himself to be outdone? I don't know, but the thought makes me laugh. Can you imagine a diva off between those two? I'd give up some precious pearls to see that. Anyways be sure to check back soon for the next chapter and for more Wonderland antics. If you are interested you can find the full DVD on Barnes & Noble’s website.
Until next time guys!
HatterXReader(SyFy Alice):Part 11
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Thankfully we've finally met Charlie, I really love the relationship between him and Hatter in the movie. They are such an unlikely duo, but at the same time they seem to match each other well when it comes to their theatrics. They are both such delightful eccentrics aren't they? I really love Charlie calling Hatter a "nugface". I have no idea what a nugface is, but I feel like that is an insult I need to keep ready just in case the occasion should ever arise where I could use it. I'm curious which one of the two do you guys like better Charlie or Hatter?

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Well basically I just dabble in many things so this is just the place I put some of it. I read all of my comments/notes and I'm usually pretty good at responding so don't be afraid and drop me a note if you'd like. All favs, comments, and watchers are greatly appreciated! Seriously, you guys make my day!
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I'm 24 years old and I have no love life (thus the reason I'm on here so often lol). But I make up for that hole by filling it with lots and lots of fandoms! I love so many things in so many different genres I cannot even begin to list. So instead just look at the obnoxious stamps and guess for yourself what I'm like. XD

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Current Residence: Somewhere in suburbia have fun stalking me
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Personal Quote: "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allan Poe
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 6 years. 

  2. What does your username mean? It's actually the lyrics of a Dresden Dolls song called Dirty Business.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Faithful, Whimsical, and Strongly Principled

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right

  5. What was your first deviation? *has warflashbacks* Imagine was my first and it is a crappy edit from my IMVU days...

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Fanfiction, does that count as art lol?

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? I'd so want the ability to just draw. To see something in my head and be able to create it on anything. 

  8. What was your first favourite? Another Hatter-Alice banner by Vampmistress76

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Fandom art for the most part.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Well excluding my person friends and just as an artist I'd say mandiemanzano her work is just so unique colorful and stunning.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? It sounds cheesy but I'd want to meet all of my followers. They've really supported me in my work and I'd like to meet them someday. 

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Really everyone who comments on my work has had a huge impact on helping me to keep writing. Seeing their comments and getting their feedback gives me confidence and motivation to keep telling my stories. I find myself and my art have grown so much thanks to all of them. 

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? A cup of tea and a laptop. That's all I need to write. As for my graphics  use GIMP. 

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My little office desk. I actually doesn't have that many decorations or things to distract me on it so I get my work done better.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? I'd say it isn't one specific memory but when I hit 500 followers it really was amazing to me and seeing people eager to read what I write just touches my heart every time. 

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Wow they did such a good job of explaining the insane history of the houses. There is always so much info overload that it's easy to get confused but they laid it out really nicely. 
iwannasetstuffonfire Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you watch Part 2 as well?
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Yes, I did. I watched all of them except for the Baratheon one. 
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Bwahaha! That was cute! Robb's part was my favorite. 
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And Catelyn just shaking her head in fear
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I thought it was funny, but I wish there was more Arya since she has a pretty big story arc herself...(and she's my fav character tbh) 
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Ahh... If I leave the window open, will chapter 31 be published? Hihi, I'll wait patiently :)) Love the Peter pan series so much. I finished it one night! (σ≧▽≦)σ
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Chapter 31 probably won't be ready until mid september around the anniversary mark of when I first uploaded this story. I know that's a long ways away but please bare with me. :)
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